Find Vegan Ice Cream in the 6ix

Find Vegan Ice Cream in the 6ix

I've been craving ice cream for three days now! Then Narcity published 29 Bucket List Ice Creams In Toronto You Have To Try With Your BFF - and it was a wrap. As I write this my husband is one his way to grab me a small carton of So Delicious' Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert. My bestie Samantha and I were on the phone when the Narcity article caught my eye. We went through the list and while I was excited that there were some vegan options, I wasn't satisfied that the small percentage represented all the vegan options available in Toronto to a cream loving gourmand like me.

Like I told Samantha, I will not be "bringing a banana" while I watch her gorge her way through the animal-milk only spots on the list! (Those were her actual words folks: "bring a banana" which I found hilarious and we laughed about it for about five minutes!) What I will do is edit the list so we can gorge on ice cream around the 6ix together. Here we go!


15 Ice Cream Shops in Toronto with Vegan Options


Mentioned in Narcity 


Nanashake (fully vegan)

Sweet Jesus - One of their vegan options is called "The Bounty Killa", which tickled me. The other one is pictured above.

Sweet Olenka's

Death in Venice - so many vegan gelato options!

Bang Bang Ice Cream

Booyah Inc.

The Big Chill


FoodPar on Pinterest


My finds


Cosmic Treats (fully vegan)

Grinning Face (all vegan gelato)

Hibiscus Cafe

Bunner's (fully vegan). I got my last birthday cheesecake from Bunner's - 5 stars!

Bloomer's (fully vegan). I also love their 2-bite brownies!

Seven Lives Paleteria

Boreal Gelato Cafe


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