Plant-based in Peru

Plant-based in Peru

My interest in Peru got sparked when I watched a documentary film about the ancient sacred places in the world, which featured the beauty of Machu Picchu. It lay dormant until I stumbled upon Along Dusty Roads' Guide to Peru. Their travel blog and resources taught me about the art of slow, frugal travel and quickly became my favourite!

Peru moved to the top of my travel list when chef Virgilio Martinez ventured through the different geographic landscapes of Peru in his episode of Chef's Table. His team really took the time to study indigenous ingredients they used to build dishes for their discerning clients.

Bonus: Peru falls in my list of countries my husband and I can travel to together visa-free. 

My attraction to coastal cities puts Huanchaco (Trujillo), Paracas (Ica Region) and Lima in the must-see category with Machu Picchu. Activities are countless with the range in ecosystems, Peru is definitely a multiple-trip or slow travel destination.

You can really get the feel for urban Peru from Plant-based Traveler's Lima and Cusco films.


You're sure to find something you've never had before in a Peruvian produce market and some grocery stores have clearly marked vegan products like Sanua and Pasa la Nuez. We've added these 7 restaurants throughout Peru for vegan travellers to our directory:


1. el buda profano (Arequipa)


Tabla de hosomaki. #elbudaprofano #vegansushi #foodporn #whatveganseat

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2. Sana vida vegana (Food Truck, San Miguel)



3. Raw Cafe Lima (Miraflores)


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4. Greens Organic (Cusco)



5. Germinando Vida (Barranco)


El combo sale calienteeee!! #cremazapallo #vegano #otoño #delicioso

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6. Shaman Vegan (Cusco)



7. Seitan Urban Bistro (Miraflores)


'Cheesecake' de almendras con coulis de berries y crumble de vainilla #seitanbistro #miraflores #plantbased #veganfood #dessert

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How they did it

Vegan Miam's Vegan Eats in Lima: A Quick Trip post takes you through their 5-day trip to Lima and the plant-based restos and grocery stores they visited.


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