Is Plant-based Dining an Urban Thing?

Is Plant-based Dining an Urban Thing?

I was inspired to start the FoodPar Directory when I started amassing a long list of Toronto vegan restaurants. It was evident that plant-based eating was here to stay so I wanted to share my finds with you.

As I started to search for potential listings in the suburbs surrounding Toronto, the options began to dwindle. I live in one of those suburbs and finding a fully plant-based dining experience is virtually impossible.

Of course this lack of options cannot be indicative of how many vegans are in my community!

So, where are they? Where is the social hangout that the suburban foodie who loves plant-based dining can go to and feel a sense of community?

I'm still searching. I decided until I find the underground vegan community in Brampton or Mississauga or Vaughan or Caledon, I'll create my own. I'll make the space for people to come together over a great meal and have a great time. This is the mission of FoodPar Suburbia, we'll start with something intimate (Sep. 22) and let it become what the community wants it to be - and we'll indulge every step of the way!


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