#TheParList: Jakīya The Traveling Fro

#TheParList: Jakīya The Traveling Fro

The Par List, our ode to the ones who travel unapologetically, for the spirit, or for a living. Each week we share with you our faves and why they made the list. Ultimately, these are people we think we could par and travel with - so we vehemently follow them everywhere!

First up: Jakīya The Traveling Fro

I loved the travelingfro Instagram feed at first sight. What caught my eye is that it wasn't a collage of well known monuments. Jakīya gets local! The regions she's covering on thetravelingfro.com at the time of this writing are the US, South America, Europe, and quite pleasingly the Caribbean.

What we loved from the blog

10 things you must eat (& drink) in Charleston, SC that are to DIE for - loving those vegan options!

When in Rome: 3 Day Guide for First Timers - Rome is always a good idea!

Where to go in New Orleans, besides the French Quarters - off that beaten track.

Our faves from the gram

1. Carving paths in Cuba!

Sorry for my five day hiatus but I'm back and I assure you it was totally worth it! Cuba was so magical ✨ I am already plotting next my trip back. No wifi, no problem. It allowed me to disconnect and really enjoy. So, I have so much content, tips and recos to share with you guys this week. If you are planning to go explore Cuba soon, don't fret. I GOT YOU! • Now before I go HAM on the ins and outs of Cuba and how to manage your dinero wisely and avoid tourist traps, tell me; what do you want to see, hear or know about this crazy unique, culture rich country? I'm sure I will have it covered! • Stay tuned for much more. Now excuse me while I smoke my Cuban 🚬. || #travelingfro 📷: The one and only @vincejamael

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2. Retro Cute!

I don't know where I'm going next, but what I do know is that I'm going... and that it's going to be great. || #travelingfro

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3. It's who you go with! Choose your travel 'parri' well.

I'm hoping to join her in the leagues of travel for life millennials - and go more often!

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