#TheParList: Maya The Explorer

#TheParList: Maya The Explorer

I found Maya on Instagram and was attracted to how well rounded and complete her travel style seemed to be - adventure, philanthropy, culture, leisure, and of course food. She's an expat living in Southeast Asia and a very active passport (41 countries at the time of this writing). On  her website she recounts these travels and has great lifestyle and career-focused resources.


What we loved from the blog

Pros and Cons of House Sitting

Owning U.S. Based Property While Living as an Expat

Photo Essay: Mathiveri Island, Maldives

Black Female Solo Travel to India

6 Books That Go Beyond Inspiring Wanderlust


Our faves from the gram

1. How does one look so fab jumping out of a plane?

2. Surf Strong!

3. A tiny bit of culture in a Myanmar temple

4. Doors in Jaipur 

5. Vegan food post alert!

 6. A jus' life! 


The Par List, our ode to the ones who travel unapologetically, for the spirit, or for a living. Each week we share with you our faves and why they made the list. Ultimately, these are people we think we could par and travel with - so we vehemently follow them everywhere!


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