#TheParList: Travelista Teri Johnson

#TheParList: Travelista Teri Johnson

Teri is a multi-hyphenate travelista and entrepreneur, whose visual travel brand will have you wanting to book your next flight. Watch!Ā 


Our faves from the gram

1. Behind the scenes on set!

Behind the scenes in an alley talking about travel and fragrance, two of my favorite things!! āœˆļøšŸŒø

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2. Lots of Tropical Visuals

3. Nature

4. Working from anywhere (the dream)

The Par List, our ode to the ones who travel unapologetically, for the spirit, or for a living. Each week we share with you our faves and why they made the list. Ultimately, these are people we think we could par and travel with - so we vehemently follow them everywhere!

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