#TheParList: Wildly Vegan Cecilia

#TheParList: Wildly Vegan Cecilia

This week I'm giving my body a break from processed and cooked food and eating only raw fruit and veg. It's tough, but experimenting with new smoothie bowls made it a great experience. I had lots of inspiration for turning my produce into yummy works of art.

On Instagram, @wildlyvegan did the trick for staying amped about fruit!



Let’s get our vegan chia pudding on, shall we?🌱This is my favourite everyday way to use chia seeds!I made this yesterday and wanted to share with you of course!A delicious summer chia pudding breakfast bowl, perfect for these hot days! It only takes a few minutes to prepare the night before, and then 5 minutes the next morning to put all the stuff you have got in your fridge on top!😁🍎🍋🍍🍉🍌On mine I put some fresh fruits,dates,different type of nuts and ripe raspberries freeze dried to pack my bowl with colours and flavours!!! What I love about them is that they are an amazing source of proteins, as well as essential fatty acids (omega) that we all need, but they are also a safe and natural way to help our body cleans itself! Awesome!! Let's dig in!!!💣💛🌱 #vegan#chiapudding#wildlyvegan#chia#veganfood#vegantreats#veganeats#veganism#rawvegan#whatveganseat#vegansofig#veganfoodporn#veganathlete#veganlife#vegandessert#vegansofinstagram#veganforanimals#govegan#veganrecipes#veganbreakfast#veganvibes#londonvegan#bestofvegan#vegancommunity#feedfeed#veganfoodshare

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And it's not all fruit. Cecilia is also a wanderer, check out this plant-based lunch from Tokyo:


And so much to satisfy that sweet tooth:

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