Where our hearts are...

Where our hearts are...

It all started on this day last summer when we got some friends together for a photo shoot for Chris' plant-based lifestyle website Hutch In Motion. Our non-vegan friends enjoyed the vegan dishes so much, we really started to look into how food brings people of different diet preferences together. Then as we started making more travel plans we took stock of our eating habits on the road and realized we were simply recreating what we do at home: buying from markets and eating in. We hadn't took the time it takes to research and visit vegan spots in destinations we visited - because it was just too time consuming.

So we began pouring ourselves into finding local vegan eateries and building food inspired itineraries for the places we plan to visit this year. Building an arsenal of plant-based food places across the world and building our own experiences with experts is where our hearts are. We do it for all our vegan friends who want to eat well on the go!




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