Why I Choose to Travel Visa-Free, First

Why I Choose to Travel Visa-Free, First


It's complicated.

I met my husband when we worked together in Jamaica in 2013. So we have different passports. Mine Canadian, his Jamaican. When I think of travel planning, visa requirements are a mandatory part of my research, and quite frankly a huge headache. Any Jamaican who has ever been turned down for a visa knows the feeling.

So it starts with a Google search for "countries Canadians can enter visa-free" showing 171 countries and "countries Jamaicans can enter visa-free" at 78 countries- based on the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index (check the link for your country).

This would be a daunting realization for some. For me, it's simply a way to narrow down which destinations on the bucket list we'll tackle first. That cross-section of countries are the ones we know we can be spontaneous with - grab those last minute deals and roll out!




All other destinations will require a lot of lead time and paperwork! Or I could go alone right? There are so many reasons to travel solo, but I've done that. So although this is a unique perspective, we choose to travel visa-free first.

Here are some other things to consider when travelling with a partner from another country:

  • cohabitation and submitting information from a shared bank account doesn't guarantee both parties will be approved for a visa
  • some countries require you to have specific vaccinations prior to entry, do the research
  • you both need to have sufficient pages in your passports, and sometimes require a minimum of 6 months before expiry

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