Discover the art of the plant-based soirée!

My life revolves around food. As a vegan couple, my husband and I have become accustomed and enthused to try new foods and recipes from different cultures in the name of variety, education and adventure.

Our food exploration extends to the way we travel. Usually, our first stop is the local famers' market to grab our fruits and greens. We love fresh ingredients and local made dishes. Our itineraries are often planned around our meals, so we created a plant-based restaurant directory to share our wish list and places we've dined. 

At home, we share our love for plant-based dining with our friends through our dinner parties. FoodPar was born out of our love to give the gift of plant-based dining. We host soirées that celebrate fresh local ingredients, the stars of our indulgent whole foods menus.

PS, there's more. You can hire us to plan your plant-based event. Visit Plant-based Soirées, we'd love to chat!

Eat well. Celebrate often,

Rachel Osbourne
Founder, FoodPar

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